Dear Rachel,
I have to tell you know how much better I feel. Your Physical Therapy has helped me so much in such a short period of time. I never thought I was going to accomplish what I have without surgery. I’m now able to do things with my arm that I have not been able to do for over a year.

In fact, you received the best compliment from my Orthopedic Surgeon the other day. He was amazed with how I am progressing. With your work, following the advice of my surgeon, I won’t need surgery at all. What a relief to think just a year ago I was to have surgery on my shoulder and now with your wonderful marvelous hands on Therapy. I am on the road to recovery. NO KNIFE just YOU……

How can I ever thank you for being such a wonderful knowledgeable Physical Therapist, that truly cares and is so dedicated to your patients.
You do know you were not my only Physical Therapist I have been too. You saved me, you’re the best. I wish there were more Professionals out there that cared and worked as hard as you with the dedication and ability you have. I can’t wait to see you for our next PT Session.

All My Best

Marida C.

Rachel is an amazing physical therapist. She is kind, professional, knowledgeable and extremely down to earth. She has helped me work through considerable neck and shoulder pain and stiffness that previously incapacitate me for days at a time. Every time I go to therapy, I can feel I am getting better, I know it because of the amount of days I can go without needing to see her and in how I rarely wake up in pain.
I no longer consider myself a person with a stiff neck, her wonderful hands and exercises make sure that everything moves the way it should and is properly aligned. I can only say that I am really happy to have met her!

Carolina E.

I have been working with Rachel for 5 months. She has assisted with alleviating lower back pain and increasing my flexibility. Rachel is enthusiastic, conscientious, attentive, open minded and thorough. Always wanting to learn more Rachel often attends workshops and classes to learn new techniques. Rachel really gets to know you as a patient and does everything she can to help you improve.

Gayle W.


I have been seeing Rachel for about 3 months since my lower back disc herniation flared up. At the time, I could barely walk, and pain was shooting down my leg at every step. Within a visit or two, the pain had subsided, and i was regaining strength and flexibility.

Rachel was very attentive and informative, and gave me confidence that I could improve without surgery. I am now back to normal, bending, moving and able to lift and play with my son as I did before. She did wonders for my back, and I would recommend her methods and expertise to anyone with pain or injury. Thanks for all your help and support, Rachel!

Best Regards,

John F.

I am seeing Rachel for Physical Therapy because of an Ankle sprain.
She is an excellent therapist and is very caring. I am also working with her to improve my balance. Because of my trust in her and her firmness I am determined to improve.

Myrna R.

“Julie proved to be an exceptional physical therapist in every aspect of her work. She was extraordinarily efficient in making every physical therapy session tremendously productive, carefully but energetically pushing my recovery forward. Julie guided me with enthusiasm and clarity, taking it upon herself to ensure that my cure did not just occur within the limited scope of physical therapy sessions, but rather carried forward in the more complex and demanding context of my everyday living. To that end, she provided me with detailed advice, clear instructions, and visual illustrations to empower me for life.” Julie is an outstanding communicator, not only in the articulateness of her speech but also in her own bearing and presence, which convey a positive message that immediately counters the gloom that tends to accompany the persistent physical pain that brings clients to her in the first place.”

Paul Kaiser

Julie Sherry is a truly amazing therapist with a golden touch, who seems to have boundless resources of energy and patience, pushing you to your limits – always with a smile — while making sure that you understand, to the very last detail, the processes your body is undergoing. A great emphasis is placed on the principle that while only one area (or more) may be affected, it is the body as a whole that has to heal. It was such an amazing experience, I was almost sorry I healed so quickly…


I’ve had the honor of working with Julie Sherry over the past few years. Her knowledge of the body is beyond impressive, especially her knowledge of Total Motion Release ( TMR) . She was able to take my pain level from a 9 to a 0 in less than 30 minutes. She used the remaining 30 minutes to teach me how to heal myself for future body re-balancing. I was so motivated by Julie that I decided to study TMR as well. Julie is excellent communicator and has a great rapport with her clients who also speak highly of her. I consider myself fortunate to have a colleague like Julie.

Maryanne B.

I can not thank Julie enough for teaching me how to use my body in ways that eliminated my pain. The process of working with Julie Sherry entailed both an organized and creative blend of therapeutic exercises meshed with cranial sacral therapy. Julie helped me become pain free in my first session and taught me how to listen to my body and realign myself as needed. I am forever grateful to Julie for empowering me and allowing me to return to my advanced gym workouts. I was inspired by Julie and impressed with Julie’s knowledgeable and friendly demeanor during each treatment session.

Cynthia S.

Intuitive and tuned-in, Julie Sherry carefully organized sessions that attended to my particular injury with focus and expertise.

I was so happy to find Julie Sherry and Riverdale Midtown Physical Therapy that I enthusiastically travelled an hour to get there from Manhattan twice a week for treatment.

Eileen LaMorte